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Brand Work12

Quantcast Academy

Working collaboratively to create, develop, and promote online digital advertising courses

Quantcast Brand System

Evolving our Adtech brand while building awareness and ensuring visual consistency

Quantcast Casino Night

Reintroducing our customers to in-person events at a lively casino‑themed Party

NextLesson Covers

Creation of covers, design patterns, and templates for online educational lessons

NextLesson Illustration System

Developing and Implementing a Brand Illustration Style for NextLesson

Quantcast Cookieless Campaign

A brand campaign inspired by Pop Art imperfections

Quantcast Insights

Enabling industry and seasonal sales by visualizing rich Quantcast audience data

Pokémon Exhibits

The design and production of assets for Pokemon licensing trade shows

Pokémon Events

Design, Marketing, and production of assets for large events

Pokémon Pocket Pokédex

Developing an intuitive design and layout for a 400+ page game guide undertaken in-house


Illustrations and animations for a point & click iOS adventure game

City Style

Design and layout of a book focused on global fashion centers