Work History

Senior Designer Manager


9/2018 - current, San Francisco

I manage the Marketing design team. We support Sales, Demand‑gen, and Product.

    Growth Design Contractor


    9/2017 - 9/2018, San Francisco

    Was originally hired to be the on-site marketing designer to speed up turnaround of design projects. Eventually started working on experiment designs and mockups to increase retention and engagment. Helping realize the Quantcast platform vision.

    • Worked on Profile experiements to increase retention and engagement for Measure self-serve customers.
    • Developed toaster alerts, pop-ups, and notification dots to help drive customer adoption of Content Segments.
    • Developed experiment to test a click profile vs. a scrolling profile.
    • Sent emails to Measure self-serve customers to assist Content Segment setup.
    • Helped implement better documentation for experiment results on the Growth Team.
    • Designed email templates for Measure customer journey.
    • Created branded sales pieces(leave behinds, one pagers, postcards) for general use and for Adweek.
    • Developed graphics and diagrams for blog posts and help documents.
    • Worked with Marketing team to ensure brand consistency and helped develop illustration guidelines.

    Head of Design / Advisor


    9/2014 - current, San Francisco

    Oversaw artwork needs, managed UX and designed UI. Designed website, interactive learning platform, offline printed materials and a student interest tool. Oversaw the creation of 2,034 covers for lessons and projects. Developed art asset repo to assist art needs. Supported Marketing initiatives with collateral, conference artwork, blog design and newsletter design.

    • Oversaw the creation of 2,034 covers for lessons and projects.
    • Developed an artwork repository that assisted employees and art contractors with document, presentation and artwork creation.
    • Worked with team to develop branding guidelines and a style guide.
    • Supported Marketing initiatives. Assisted with collateral, conference artwork, blog design and newsletter design.
    • Helped develop and test a website redesign.
    • Helped design the interactive learning platform and offline printed materials.
    • Oversaw creation of 423 glossary images for the interactive learning platform.
    • Helped design, develop and test InterestID, a student interest tool.
    • Oversaw creation of InterestID 3,268 icons.
    • Gathered feedback from users on products and design.

    Freelance Designer/Illustrator

    4/2012 - current, San Francisco

    Clients: Abriendos Puertos, Adelle Marcero, Idibon, Egg Baby, Architecture for Humanity, ForUs, Museyon Guides, Sarah Walko, Malado Baldwin, Ketti Kupper, Wired magazine

    • brochure design
    • infographics
    • presentation slides
    • website development and QA
    • spot illustrations
    • tee shirt illustrations
    • mascot character designs
    • digital ad repurposing
    • map creation

    Co-founder and Creative Director

    Suspended Belief Studios

    2/2012 - 6/2014, San Francisco

    Developed games from concepts to storyboard. Oversaw artwork creation and UX/UI and design.

    • Concept and design of 4 original games. Included level design and game flow.
    • Created art assets for games. Included: original characters, backgrounds, objects and user interface.
    • Storyboarded levels, animation sequences, and scripted in-game events.
    • Worked with developers with artwork to create our games.

    Graphic Designer

    Museyon Guides

    3/2010 - 4/2012, New York City

    Design, layout and pre-press of travel guides. Worked with editors to layout 300+ page books. Implemented better methods for indexing and image pre-press.

    • Design and layout of 8 books, including their best-selling book, Chronicles of Old New York.
    • Worked with editors to layout content based on author’s ideas and suggestions.
    • Managed working files and art assets.
    • Refined the indexing process using modern tools.
    • Fixed problems in prepress.
    • Did printer pre-press as well as prepared special cover UV files.
    • Worked with printers to ensure quality.
    • Proofed and fixed maps.

    In-house Graphic Designer

    The Pokémon Company

    9/2005 - 1/2010, New York City

    Worked in a small in-house team. Keeper of the artwork. Enforcer of the brand. Supported video-game releases, video-game strategy guides, movie/TV releases, marketing campaigns. Developed system to bring publishing strategy guides in-house. Assisted internal departments with their creative needs.

    • Assisted publishing and editorial teams with strategy guides. Took creation of smaller game guides in-house. Developed a strategy guide data-merge workflow for Pokémon spreadsheet data.
    • Created artwork and signage for Pokémon events, like video game tournaments, marketing tours, trade show booths, and new TV show and movie releases.
    • Worked with outside vendors to get artwork produced in a timely and cost-effective manner.
    • Worked with licensing team to provide art assets to licensees and enforce brand guidelines.
    • Created logos for new TV and movie series for use in product and promotion materials, like posters and packaging.
    • Developed promotional mini-websites for new movies and games.
    • Maintained licensed company art assets and distributed as needed.
    • Developed company stationary, including business cards, letterheads, and envelopes.
    • Created various art assets for company events, like holiday partys (invites, greeting cards, signs, and vodka labels).
    • Worked with e-commerce department to create new products, localize Japanese products, and retouch product images. Created best selling tee Pikachu shirt at Nintendo World Shop.

    In-house Graphic Designer

    Equinox Fitness Clubs

    4/2004 - 9/2005, New York City

    Oversaw 15+ gym's collateral needs (membership cards, free passes, promotional passes) as well as one-off promotional posters. Developed signage system for new gyms.

    • Oversaw 15+ gym’s collateral needs.
    • Print, cut, and packaged (for delivery) gym collateral. Included membership cards, free passes, promotional passes, posters.
    • Maintained company art assets.
    • Helped develop special marketing promotion creative.
    • Maintained OCE printer and trained designers how to use the printer more effectively.
    • Developed signage system and imagery for new Equinox gyms.
    • Interviewed and trained new designers and interns.
    • Pre-press for projects done by outside vendors.
    • Held down the fort between studio managers.
    • Lost at daily plank competitions.

    Graphic Designer

    Reporter Magazine

    11/2001 - 5/2002, New York City

    Design for the college magazine.

    • Worked with the photographers on editorial layouts.
    • Magazine pre-press. Proof-reading, and ensuring all text and image assets were passed to the printer.
    • Made sure all assets needed for advertisements were delivered in a timely manner.
    • Worked on a redesign of the magazine.