I’m Ray – a designer in San Francisco who focuses on branding, visual design, and ui/ux. I've worked in games, publishing, and marketing. Currently at Quantcast on the Brand Marketing team.

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Selected Projects

Quantcast Monthly Summary Email

Product Engagement/Retention Email
ui/ux, branding, illustration

Quantcast Academy

Education Resource and Training
ui/ux, branding, video, illustration

Quantcast Profile Experiments

Experiments to drive in-product engagement
ui/ux, growth

NextLesson InterestID

Student Interest and Lesson Discovery Tool
ui/ux, branding, illustration

NextLesson Lesson and Project Covers

Design of Lesson and Project Covers
ui/ux, branding, illustration

NextLesson Characters

A system of cartoons
branding, illustration

NextLesson Glossary Terms

Feature Implementation
ui/ux, branding, illustration

Places I've worked at


Digital Advertising and Website Analytics


Education Platform

The Pokémon Company

Entertainment franchise

Museyon Guides

Travel Guides Publisher