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Last Updated: August 2023
  • It's softball season! Playing for my 4th consective season, my hitting and catching have improved a lot this year. I've learned a lot about fielding by watching the really good players on our team. My knee and foot hurt a bit from falling though..
  • Planning a trip to Portland...if it's not too hot.
  • With Reddit and Twitter making strange decisions, I'm questioning how I share updates and consume media in a federated world. Exploring Mastodon and Lemmy.
  • Growing Trees. I've got a dwarf lemon, dwarf lime, and an olive tree on my balcony that I am hoping will continue to live. Did you know that humans cross-breeded lemons? This means that life did not give us lemons...
  • Trying to progress past conversational Cantonese. I'm learning the Jyutping writing system and conversing with Chinatown locals.
  • Tinkering with 11ty, a static website generator, for building simple websites.
  • Tinkering with video game ROM Emulation. I'm hacking older devices to run open source platforms and games, like PICO-8. Kicking around the idea of learning a simple game engine to make a simple game.
  • Started "Tears of the Kingdom" on the Nintendo Switch. OH BOY, WHAT A TIME-INTENSIVE GAME!

Things making me happy 😁

Cunk on Britain
Elden Ring
bluegrass covers
beef noodle soup
neon cities
Hawaiian shirts
Pokemon Emerald Rouge
Little Simz
black cats
Station Eleven
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Harley on HBO
Fujifilm cameras
provolone cheese
Anbernicc 351V
italian sub research
Roguelike games
Polite Society
Procreate on the iPad
Tears of the Kingdom
rotisserie chickens
Ted Lasso