I'm a designer and an illustrator based in San Francisco.

I like to draw people, play video games, explore people/music/city histories, play basketball, and cooking. I currently design at NextLesson and am learning how to program in my spare time.

I spent my youth in New Jersey where I drew funny pictures of people's faces at theme parks in the summer. I went to school for Graphic Design in Upstate New York and then moved to New York City after that. I found work at Equinox Fitness Clubs and then on to Pokémon after that. After meeting a nice girl, I got on a plane and moved from Brooklyn to San Francisco, where I've lived for 5 years, 11 months, and 19 days.

I now live in Chinatown and can hear cable cars outside my windows every morning.

  • "You're the best artist I know." - My mom
  • "That looks nothing like me! It looks just like him, but not me!" -dissatisfied caricature client
  • "He's my best drawinger." - Mimi, 5