Engage students in real world problem solving through topics they care about.

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Want to increase student engagement and critical thinking in your district?

NextLesson offers 10,000 K-12 resources that increase student engagement and bring applied learning into the classroom.

Through authentic problems related to high‑interest topics, NextLesson engages struggling learners and those who need extra challenge. In our rich, applied learning resources, students think critically as they work with real data and information to solve real world problems.


How NextLesson Connects Learning to the Real World



Lessons center around high‑interest topics, such as movies, books, sports, and technology.

3,500 topics are covered and growing.



Students must think critically and justify their reasoning by answering unGoogleable questions.

80% of resources includes a DOK 3 or 4 activity.

Real World

Real World

Students use actual information to solve problems in real jobs such as book agent or sports analyst.

150 occupations are mapped into our lessons.

Lesson Types

Performance Tasks

Engaging, standards-aligned math activities on topics students love. Students develop and apply critical thinking skills in authentic, real world scenarios using real data.


Worksheets are short exercises where students focus on repeated practice of math and ELA skills. Real world topics, people and places.


Ready-to-use interactive or printable lesson plans, which include all necessary resources, such as links, videos, documents and student/teacher notes.


Extended lesson plans that encourage deeper learning and in depth inquiry in real life situations or simulations. PBL builds toward a final product or presentation led by students.

Rank & Reason®

Activities where students rank items in a list to answer a set question, which often does not have a right answer. Students are required to think critically to justify their rankings.

Interactive Features

NextLesson Interactive

Standards and Pacing Guide Browser

Discover lessons that address specific standards in the Standards and Pacing Guide Browser. Lessons are aligned to Common Core and other state standards, as well as popular pacing guides.

Interest-Based Recommendations

Students can voice their interests through NextLesson’s InterestID tool, which then provides teachers with lesson recommendations based on their students’ interests.

Integrations with Classroom Tools

NextLesson offers teachers the ability to sign on with their Google for Education or Edmodo credentials, and sync rosters with these platforms.

Easy Classroom Management

By setting up classes in the Class Manager, teachers can easy manage multiple classrooms, assign lessons to or view InterestID reports for a whole class or individual students

Student Support Features

Text-to-speech audio and a visual glossary within online lessons provide additional reading support for students.

Time-Saving Grading Tools

The Submissions view gives teachers a quick way to assess student progress. Numberpad questions are automatically graded and answer suggestions are provided for all other question types.

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